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Gazelle AGI Technical Pitch

The Gazelle system implements the most recent advances within the symbolism approach to AI.

AGI pattern matching

First steps

Voice chat about AGI with Mani


New crowdfunding platform! I'm now CTO there.

Also, more image recognition.

Work on Gazelle resumes launched

It works. Now need content.

Gazelle AI probable launch date: Middle/End of November

Hopefully. Recruiting for team.

Streaming on Twitch daily now (maybe... or maybe not)

Code them bots—fastest Wikipedia search engine

Try it!

Towards like the fastest search engine ever

Suffix tree + compression = magic?

We'll find out

Indexing Wikipedia

for the fastest search engine ever

A software that laughs at my jokes

Humanization in progress!

The hunt for the sub 1 millisecond search engine

I'm in hot pursuit. A full-text searcher that reacts in a millisecond even with large texts.

Server problems today [solved]

Hoster has a V-server overload... Should be getting fixed today. And we will move to more dedicated hardware soon.

Edit: Looks like it's all solved again.

New video

It's been so long!

A booking chat bot that understands free-form date input

BookBetterNow schedules appointments over Google Calendar, knows your business hours, sends SMS and much more. You too can get one of these cool bots for your home page for a low price!

Comparing scenarios

Important AI function

Chat bot launched writes your Word documents for you!

Syntactic Learning

Still using no neural networks.

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