Reading my mails

Not pretty (where are the graphic designers?), but it works.

Source code (39 lines)

First operating system that learns

What is the world?

Advantages of a Java-based OS: Free Profiling

You get so many inspection capabilities for free in my OS.

For example, you can always find out what the CPU is doing, down to every single line of code. And this incurs no performance overhead when not used.

Memory leak eliminated


I told you Java is stable!

Further chasing the memory

It has to be going somewhere. jdk-discuss informed (list is moderated, read: another time waster).

New Look&Feel

Pretty, isn't it. Look&Feel is called JTattoo.

Image was made with the automatic screenshot module on a very old Windows 7 machine where my OS runs flawlessly.

Fixing the last memory leaks in Java 10

I submitted this bug report to Oracle, and I'm making super-fancy functions like cleanDefunctACCsInAllThreads that automatically fix memory leaks other Java programmers have never heard of.

We will sail memory leak-free! :)

New Module: YouTube Downloader

Today we launched bla bla bla.


(No, seriously—we actually did. There is an awesome YouTube downloader in my operating system. I'm just too lazy to write.)

Now I need an awesome screenshot module and an awesome auto-upload-to-blog module.