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The curve we are after

My future trading strategy on the LDO coin simulated over the last half year. $1,800 from a $100 investment. At least that's what the simulator says. Now running it for real to check.

The blue line at the bottom is the comparison investment: Just buying some LDO for $100. It doesn't score quite as well, giving us only a profit of $+77 in 6 months.

Crypto, man... either it breaks you or it makes you.

Gazelle 22

New flagship product in the making. This is a product of a category that didn't exist before. Team reassembled. Looking for investors right now.

Vaccines mandates averted?

Threat gone. I believe. Spiritual realities manifest before physical realities, so the information may take a while to arrive in your reality.

Everything will change

There are only 2 groups now.

Image recognition news

Image recognizers should return mathematical proofs

Gazelle looks at its own logo and paints it red

Getting back into image recognition

The pieces are there. We plan to recognize computer screens (e.g. very fast text recognition) as well as photos. And why not drawings too? The approach is called Ultra-Fast Recognition.

Also, a new investment from Adaptron Inc. Thanks so much!

Also, getting back into streaming.

Also, crowdfunding in preparation. Reserve your AI now already!

Work with the Mega Team™ continues

mega team International Collab.

I presented Gazelle at a conference of the smartest people on earth

A cooperation with Adaptron Inc. of Canada!

I am porting their demo application Smarty to Java.

On the way, I am learning about binons which are an interesting alternative to classical artificial neurons. For example, binons only come to existence when there is a need for them as opposed to being preallocated by a software engineer. Binons automatically distinguish between significant and insignificant deltas. And they form hierarchies to reach higher abstraction levels.

New Live Stream

It explains the AGI ideas pretty well.

Gazelle AGI Technical Pitch

The Gazelle system implements the most recent advances within the symbolism approach to AI.

AGI pattern matching

First steps

Voice chat about AGI with Mani


New crowdfunding platform! I'm now CTO there.

Also, more image recognition.

Work on Gazelle resumes launched

It works. Now need content.

Gazelle AI probable launch date: Middle/End of November

Hopefully. Recruiting for team.

Streaming on Twitch daily now (maybe... or maybe not)

Code them bots—fastest Wikipedia search engine

Try it!

Towards like the fastest search engine ever

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