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First easter without a death wish

Now if that isn't a change. Videos about AI coming.

Whenever my language bores me

...I shorten it. Let's say I want to make a big input field with full persistence and switchable font size (like you see on the right). Then I write this:

cmodule BigInput {
  S text; // auto-persisted string field
  switchable int fontSize = 40;
  visual setFontSize(fontSize, dm_textArea('text));

(I just created the 2 new JavaX syntax constructs 'switchable' and 'visual' in like 10 minutes. Hover over the source code for more info.) —Automatic popup menu.

New stuff to test

If this runs, you're read-d-dy for making a bot. (Actual software coming up.)

From dialog to chat bot 101

(In a few steps, that is.)

What time is it?
It's 5:30
Why did you say that?
Because you asked me what time it is.

Bots now available 'standalone'

One huge jar file. Includes a GUI and a database. And learns from the cloud while running.


...will explain itself (as a general principle).

First professional bot being built

Not sure if I'm allowed to tell you more yet... :-)

My OS is really happy with 8 GB of RAM

...and any Windows installation. Enough space for AI experiments—and enough space for memory-hungry Firefox. Try it out yourself!

Accommodating human stuttering

Yes, it's all automatic. The original rule is just matching for "what's the rule count".

Coder muscle flexing :)

Sometimes I just have to do this—coming up with a really intelligent little solution for common coding questions that, oddly, don't seem to have an answer yet.

Like this one: How to find out efficiently whether a prefix of a string is contained in a tree set.

PS: Haha, now StackOverflow is saying they want to delete the answer. I was improving on another answer which apparently is not being deleted? StackOverflow is complete madness as I have said before.

Mini-investment needed

Sorry... I can't always turn water to wine. Need some grapes. Details.

I just made Gazelle scalable

10,000 rules shouldn't be a problem at all. We do want AGI, don't we?

Gazelle is offended

No further comment.

Gazelle's Auto-Math Module

Given these example dialogs:

  10 games of 2 minutes each => that makes 20 minutes
  30 games of 3 minutes each => that makes 90 minutes

Gazelle understands what kind of calculation you mean and performs it for you on new input.

Gazelle Learns

Come join us over at Discord.

New Discord Group

See you there!

Analyzing Wikipedia

Nothing can stop this.

In other news, my current cash level (for the rest of the month) is roundabout 10 €. Money is such a great invention!

Gazelle growing

Here soon.

A new logic engine

A logic engine is what makes machines talk.

This new one I'm making is really impressive.

The new engine merges syntax and semantics; allows humans to teach the machine how to think easily; and it doesn't require a full model of the language in question (say, English).

Surely it needs a cool code name, right? How about... uhm... "Gazelle"? "Panther"? Goldfish? Rubber duck? Something!

Either way: Expect demos soon. Until then, enjoy the chewing gazelle.

Who smokes dope?


I visited the pope. He smokes dope.


I visited {the pope} [*1]. He [1] smokes dope.

([*1], [1] and the curly braces mean that "he" points to "the pope".)

Function that does this.

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