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Voice-to-voice bot

We now have voice recognition & speech output combined into the Telegram bot. Actual sci-fi!

(PS: The bot said "Good evening dudes".)

PPS: The Rubik's cube will have to wait a little... building foundations first.

Teaching the Rubik's cube to the bot

It's a good idea and just about right complexity-wise.

Nice trend

Changing history on Tuesday.

The Study Of Rules

It's the duality—executing & thinking—that makes this project work.

Bot Tests Human

It's only fair that they test us first.

(Yeah it's a joke post.) Next up: The other way around!

The Levels Of AI

Level 1: Literal. Just make some responses. How are you? => I'm good/I have some problems

Level 2: Battle it out. Take the rules of level 1 and have them compete against each other. (There are also meta-rules.)

Level 3: Fact management. Some things are true, others aren't. Manage this.

That's pretty much it. Now we just need a lot of rules to work with. Oh, and there's a very good parser for German & English.


How much an AGI? 'cause we deliver.

Learning from longer exchanges

Getting somewhere.

If you could talk to an AI about any topic—which one would you choose?


Bot knows (sadly).

Bot decides

Who knows what it will do next?

Let's improve the onboarding

Channel's waiting dudes.

How the AI is programmed

v1 - Make a basic logic using a bastard language located somewhere between Prolog and plain English (mostly it's just the latter).

input(I'm a scammer!)
  && fact(a scammer scams people)
  && relationX(scams people, scam people)
  => output(You scam people?!)

v2 - Add some $ signs and turn spaces into underscores (making the pattern dynamic).

input(I'm a $scammer!)
  && fact(a $scammer $scams_people)
  && relationX($scams_people, $scam_people)
  => output(You $scam_people?!)

v3 - Find out what relationX is (that's not that hard).

v4 - Interpret this stuff.


Estimated time frame: 2 days

Edit (2018/08/03): And it's done (see picture).

I'm beating them

IBM and all the other guys.

My fabulous English Parser just got better, you can now help it out by using some brackets, like this:

{This time of night} it's usually quite cool.

I still contribute to StackOverflow

...even though that place is the living hell for any sane person. I'm not even allowed to ask questions anymore because they hate dissidents.

Bot Initiative

Shurely an important part.

Bot needs more logic!

We're getting there though.

Telegram shaping up


I should collect money for a new notebook

"What, you're doing AI with 4 gigabytes?"

Yes, that's right. And 512 MB actually go to the GPU, so yeah... it's tight.

The Simplifier

Another working AI component. Takes any sentence or phrase, like:

smart combinations of various fast methods

and outputs:

1. combinations
2. combinations of methods
3. smart combinations
4. combinations of fast methods
5. smart combinations of methods
6. combinations of various methods
7. smart combinations of fast methods
8. combinations of various fast methods
9. smart combinations of various methods
10. smart combinations of various fast methods

Neat, right? And very useful.

Setting Up Telegram

There'll be a channel and a bot.

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